0221My name is Michael Roderick. My years of experience in the world of business and financial planning have allowed me to see the generosity of individuals, corporations and organizations. Additionally, my athleticism and adventurous spirit have presented me with many opportunities to meet very inspiring individuals seeking an opportunity to become involved in events and challenges that combine their love of the outdoors, physical activity and travel, with their altruistic spirit.These experiences and ideas inspired me to “Take the First Step” by creating www.EmbraceTheFirstStep.org. Our mission is simple: “To identify and organize athletic events for the benefit of deserving charities while motivating individuals to get involved and create new fundraising opportunities by helping then not only TAKE the first step…but embrace it!”


We have partnered with charities with the goal of raising funds to support their cause. Our vision is to create events and challenges in which individuals can participate, while raising funds and awareness for a variety of causes. Donations are received either directly through our site, or by purchasing T-shirts. Each event or challenge will have a fundraising goal.  As donations are received, our “goal tracker” at the top of our site will show you, our charities, and our participants how much money has been raised for each event in real time. All donations will be distributed in equal shares to our partner charities affiliated with the respective event.

Originally, I feared that this concept would never come to fruition, because I did not know how to “Take the First Step”…I decided to embrace the challenge and I have persevered: www.EmbraceTheFirstStep.org is now a reality! I hope that I can now offer my own experience and guidance to other individuals that have a great cause or charitable organization, but are uncertain about how to raise funds to achieve their goals.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us!.